Stun Gun Designs–Determine Your Weapon

Stun Guns arrive inside a great number of dimensions, designs and voltages. Categorizing these types of capabilities will aid your self select an related self security item.


The prototypical stun gun is rectangular within condition and potentially 3/4 in the direction of one particular inch thick. Dimensions basically enhance with voltage energy as additional region is expected for further more 9 volt batteries.

The moment well known form is just one of a cellular cellphone or Blackberry. This is the therefore-referred to as ‘covert’ self security products where by the reason of the system is concealed driving an innocuous condition. Those people are very low adequate towards in good shape inside of a purse or glove compartment.

A 3rd condition incorporates just lately came the place the take care of is molded into the gadget. Feel of brass knuckles the place the management is immediately upon. This form discounts a even more harmless grip which might be imperative inside a higher worry problem. The Knuckle Blaster is a 950,000 volt stun gun that truly resembles brass knuckles (When this a person is molded plastic with an outer comfortable rubber pores and skin.)

Stun batons are on top of that individuals of the stun gun spouse and children. Test this sort of higher-tech styles of the evening adhere. They are a natural and organic for a going for walks patrolman and the evening watchman.


1 of the tallest of the rectangle design stun guns is the Streetwise SW1000. This 1000K volt stunner techniques 8.25 inches x 2 inches x 1 inch. It much too capabilities a designed-inside alarm. It usually takes 3 9 volt batteries towards ability.

At the other spectrum, the Low Fry 1,000,000 volt mini stun gun could be the smallest battery run zapper with the most important wallop. This design steps an incredible 3 1/4 inches x 2 inches x 3/4 inch. This is manufactured potential by means of the growth of lithium batteries. This stun gun usually takes a few button dimensions lithium-ion batteries.

Stun batons appear inside possibly treated or expandable patterns. Yourself can continue to keep your attacker at bay with the expandable fashion which can increase towards 21′. With your arm out-stretched your self can preserve an assailant a safer length absent than with a classic hand kept. Popular healed stun baton measurements are 16, 18 and 20 inches. Some types aspect an alarm towards ideally scare a would-be intruder.


Stun gun voltages work the gamut against 80,000 volts towards 1.2 million volts. Innumerable slide within the 300K toward 500K assortment. At 80K, the Talon MINI stun gun is one particular of the smallest and maximum cost-effective types. It ways precisely 4′ tall and is made up of plenty of ability towards maintain a would-be attacker dazed and perplexed for a number of minutes. At the other intense, the Double Dilemma stun gun features an extremely effective 1.2 million volts. It’s 1 of the refreshing grip design methods with contacts upon both stop. This layout is reputable for the machine’s significant electric power.

It should really be pointed out that even though these types of defensive goods crank out higher voltages, the amperage is incredibly very low, probably basically 2-4 milliamps. They’re viewed as acceptable pressure within just resisting assault and are non-fatal. Within reality, if yourself stand more than also extensive seeing your convenient-effort, on your own could possibly regret it. Restoration period relies upon on voltage and the duration or sequence of administrations. Still utmost persons will recuperate inside of simply 4-8 minutes. As a result operate in the direction of stability initial, not ultimate.

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